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Everyone wants to save money, but we also want: quality products, great service, real value and offers that are convenient to redeem.

Welcome to HannahDeals.com. Our aim is to connect businesses who want a loyal, dedicated client base with customers who want high-quality, high-value-for-money products and services. A simple concept that’s win-win for everybody!

Our partners are reliable, established businesses who can offer exclusive deals that you won’t find elsewhere. Exclusive deals you really want. Exclusive deals you can actually use. They want you to keep coming back and to tell your friends about your fantastic experience. Rest assured, our partners will treat you like royalty and make sure you are 100% satisfied!

What sets us apart…

Let’s make it clear, we are not just another discount coupon site. You won’t find Hannah VIP Deals on the back of a shopper docket . No-one wants those tired, poor-quality offers and second rate services, and our participating businesses don’t want to be associated with those kinds of offers either. Like us, they understand that quality, value and convenience are the key to a satisfied customer.

Just ask Chris from North Vancouver who recently took up the opportunity to test out one of our renowned automotive brands:

“Having searched high and low for a mechanic that would provide a service my car needs at a reasonable price, I was extremely pleased after purchasing a Napa loyalty card from Hannah Deals. Not only was the product offering unique, but I firmly believe I have now found my future and ongoing mechanic after receiving such a great service. Thanks guys for making this happen.”

What we offer you…

Each of our products is comprised of several exclusive offers and great-value deals from a business who wants YOU! The savings can amount to hundreds of dollars, especially when you consider the quality you are getting! Our partners include some of the best and biggest brands in British Columbia – including Napa, Budget Brake & Muffler, Tireland. We also choose highly skilled mechanics that choose to own boutique garages like William at W.D.C. Cambridge Auto in Poco. They want to give you the opportunity to try out their products and services at a reduced cost. They know as long as you’re impressed with their service, you will keep coming back again and again…

Sharon from Vancouver is definitely sold on the range of Hannah Deals VIP packages:

“When buying a gift there is always that little “what to get” point that tends to hover over your shoulders with uncertainty. Gifts are remembrance of a special occasion and not one that you want to mess up.  Thank goodness I was introduced to Hannah Deals. Their product range is of exceptional quality, delivery on promises, affordability and personalized, friendly service has ensured I will be a returning customer.”

Take a peek at our products  and see for yourself the quality brands and services that are within your reach. Our partners include major automotive brands, fitness clubs, handymen services, sports grounds, entertainment centres, beauty specialists, pet care, holidays and travel and many, many more!

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    Please call us on 1-888-632-7443 and we’ll be happy to help you with any questions you might have.
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