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WDC Cambridge Auto (Port Coquitlam)

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As a VIP Customer, you will receive the following: This VIP Package is for SUV's, Coupes and Sedans ONLY (no Pickup Trucks or Vans)

  • TWO LABOUR FREE SEASONAL MAINTENANCE PACKAGES (parts and oil extra) - Change engine oil, replace oil filter, lubricate chassis and tire rotation as needed. 40-point vehicle inspection, including road test with written report. YOU SAVE $179.98
  • TWO FREE BRAKE INSPECTIONS/ADJUSTMENTS - Inspection of brake system for condition and leaks. Clean brakes and adjust clearance as per manufacturers specification. Adjust emergency brake as needed. (with written report) YOU SAVE $179.88
  • ONE LABOUR FREE FOUR WHEEL ALIGNMENT - Includes road test, inspection of all suspension and steering parts for wear, riding height, tire pressure and condition. Alignment on all four wheels and adjust toe-in. (*SUV’s and Sedans Only - no big vans or long trucks) YOU SAVE $139.99
  • ONE FREE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM CHECK (AVR TEST) - Test charging system, battery load test, alternator charging rates, and starter draw with battery terminal service. YOU SAVE $59.95
  • ONE FREE COOLING SYSTEM PRESSURE TEST - Test the integrity of the cooling system and its components with inspection for leaks.YOU SAVE $49.95
  • ONE FREE CAR DETAILING - Basic interior and exterior cleaning. Interior includes vacuum and dashboard cleaning. Exterior includes tire shine, rim clean and car wash. (deep cleaning extra) YOU SAVE $59.95
  • TWO FREE PRE-MOUNTED TIRE-SWAPS - Swap wheels on vehicle and torque lug nuts to manufacturers specifications. Adjust tire pressure and inspEct brakes. *TMPS re-learn may be required* YOU SAVE $79.99
  • ONE FREE SUSPENSION INSPECTION - Ensures safe handling and controlled braking. YOU SAVE $45.95
  • ONE FREE VEHICLE SCAN CHECK - Scan test to identify computer trouble codes regarding the engine, transmission, ABS system or body controller. Clear trouble codes and reset warning lights. YOU SAVE $59.99
  • ONE FREE EXHAUST SYSTEM CHECK - Recommended to promote engine efficiency. YOU SAVE $45.95
  • ONE HOUR LABOUR FREE AIR CONDITIONING MAINTENANCE (parts extra) - Identify and repair issues with air conditioner. SAVE $89.99


Valid for 12 months from purchase

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